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RewardsPLUS is a team of successful advertising, sales and network marketing professionals. RewardsPLUS has more than 70 combined years of direct sales, sales management and sales training experience, customer acquisition, retention and mobile marketing expertise, and years of techological programming and mobile capabilities.

We've used our experience and know-how, and we've discussed in-depth with industry experts, to design and develop RewardsPlus. This is a tool that sales reps of every level can employ to help them grow their business. It makes every contact a prospect. Here's what we know that helped guide us in our development.

Consumers love their mobile devices

• 78% of U.S. adults own a smartphone
• Smartphone users are on their phone on average 3.3 hours every day

Consumers love playing games on their mobile device

• 69% of smartphone owners play games
• 66% of men play and 70% of women play
• 74% of mobile gamers are 25 to 54 years old

Consumers love mobile coupons

• 38% of consumers used a mobile coupon in the past year
• The redemption rate for mobile coupons is 10 times higher than paper coupons

Reps are buried

• 40% to 80% of prospects don't get a follow up

New reps struggle

• 65% of reps say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge


Billy Looper

You can reach Billy at 954.557.6990.

Billy Looper

Having built a network marketing team of 122,000 people without network marketing experience, Billy proved that someone can succeed on a part-time basis without experience. With a 30-year background in real estate and after 12 years in the network marketing industry, he, along with an incredible team of software engineers, developed this "game changing" technology that takes MLM lead generation to the next level, where your entire business can operate from your mobile phone.

Billy understands the challenges with direct sales and network marketing. He learned in the trenches how hard it is once the "family and friends" run out. He has taken that experience to RewardsPLUS with the same passion to help others experience the lifestyle of network marketing, where anyone with a dream and a plan and a lead generation system can also enjoy the lifestyle of award dinners and exotic adventures, maybe a hot air balloon ride over the Rocky Mountains, a helicopter tour over the city or how about driving a race car on an international speedway or bobsledding down an Olympic run, amazing cruises to the Caribbean and Mediterranean, diving at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, touring the Red Square in Moscow, trips to Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Cannes, Corsica, Malaga, Bogota, Cali, Paris, 5-star stays in Maui and driving a free luxury car, just to name a few.

Tom Christ

You can reach Tom at 954.448.6831.

Tom Christ

Tom has been in the security industry for over 18 years. Starting with Boca Raton-based Protection Networks in 1999, he worked in many capacities starting as a Sales Consultant transitioning to Regional Sales Manager to Director of National Accounts for 10 offices. In 2001 after the sale of Protection Networks to ADT Security Services, Christ became a Dealer for ADT Security Services in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He spent 8 years in the dealer program and was the fastest growing dealer in the Southeast United States in 2005.

In 2008, Tom began his role as Business Development Officer for Xanboo, Inc., a provider of wireless and home automation integration. He helped build Xanboo's portfolio of dealers which resulted in the company's sale to AT&T in 2011.

Since 2011, Tom has been consulting for companies with emerging technologies to help hit the dealer networks he helped create with Xanboo. His latest role is as a partner of Outloud Strategies, a sales and marketing company specializing in geo-targeted leads in several verticals including home security and home automation.

Jim Ingolia

You can reach Jim at 303.921.5574.

Jim Ingolia

Jim is a creative director and advertising and marketing veteran. He's won awards for his creative work in television, print, web and mobile. He has created business-building advertising campaigns for large, national clients including McDonald's, Kraft, Heinz, Samsonite, 7Up and Nintendo. He directs the design and functionality of the game and management interface, ensuring top notch UI and UX for our platform. In addition, Jim has years of hands-on experience in direct selling.

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