The "MLM Game Changer"

For direct sales and network marketing professionals

65% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge.

Email, website and social media posts are important, but they're passive channels. Reps use them today, but these channels can and do get ignored.

How about arming your sales reps
with an active, fun and easy way to
connect with more prospects every day?

Introducing RewardsPLUS. With first-hand experience and knowledge of the direct-to-consumer sales process, RewardsPLUS was designed and developed to gives sales reps at every level – from novice to veteran – a unique, engaging, simple and inexpensive way to engage, acquire and retain more prospects.

It's literally a "game changer" because that's exactly what it is - a game.

What it is

Game ChangerRewardsPlus is a comprehensive customer engagement, acquisition and relationship management platform. At it's core is a game – a rep-branded, product-centric, consumer-friendly, mobile-optimized, digital scratch-off game. As an ice-breaker, it's the ultimate engagement tool.

Customers register with their email address and then play a digital version of a scratch-off card, uncovering images of products. If they get three matching logos, they win a prize – namely, samples of your company's products. Give it a try yourself - click here.

We've made it so easy to engage prospects with this program! Reps "plant seeds" by posting their specific game link on their business cards, website, facebook and social media pages, product brochures and more. In addition, reps can use the RewardsPlus management tool to reach prospects with a ready-to-send email or text message that includes their game link! It's a quick, easy and effective way to get prospects engaged!

By checking reports, reps can track who's registered and played, and who's played multiple times - indicated "best" prospects. Reps can also see which propects are using their social media links to invite others to play. This built-in, viral marketing option lets reps see which prospects are regular visitors and which reps could be great addtions to their team.

Does it work?

We've run game-centric programs for hundreds of companies including Domino's and Subway with consistently remarkable results. The game has regularly delivered engagement rates of 50% and purchase rates as high as 80%. Now we've redesigned the application to work specifically for MLM/Network Marketing companies - or any business with a sales force that directly engages potential customers.


For consumers:

• We offer a grand prize drawing for all registered users for great prizes including an iPad, an iPhone, a big screen TV, and even a trip.

For sales reps:

• We offer an on-going sales incentive program that awards points to reps that can be redeemed for great prizes like trips, electronics, tickets and more.

For the parent company:

• We integrate seamlessly with your existing marketing tools and/or mobile app

• We offer online reporting and management, including prospect contact information from reps who have terminated.

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