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Overview, operation and pricing

Specifically, each rep gets a self-branded scratch off game. In addition, each rep gets a "back office" - a password protected management tool – accessible by desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. Here reps can send links to their game, set the number of prizes to award each month, and view reports including prospects, registrations, plays, email club registrations and winners.

Critically important! The text and email messages are pre-composed so messages can be sent in just seconds.

RewardsPlus management siteRewardsPlus management app

  • RewardsPlus helps reps engage prospects
  • RewardsPlus helps reps follow up with prospects
  • RewardsPlus incentivizes reps with a built-in rewards program
  • RewardsPlus integrates seamlessly with your existing marketing tools and/or mobile app
  • RewardsPlus is effective and inexpensive

Each Rep gets:

  • A unique, rep-branded mobile game and rep-branded URL for distribution
  • Text message marketing to engage prospects
  • Email marketing for first contact / follow up 1 / follow up 2 / recruiting
  • Prospect list generation
  • Unique URL to post in email, on website, in print materials (business cards, flyers, brochures, etc.) and on social media sites
  • Incentive for prospects to share your link via Facebook and Twitter
  • Unlimited contacts and game play every month
  • Game limits one prize per player
  • Direct link to rep website
  • Email club signup
  • Product description
  • Back office, accessible by desktop or mobile device, includes:
    • Tracking and reporting
    • View Plays, Players, Winners, Email Sign Ups, Prospects
    • Downloadable CSV reports
    • Customize the number of monthly prizes from 5 to 90
  • Instant win prizes are product sample packages
  • Sponsored grand prize for all players each month
  • Text message manager
  • Email manager

Set up is simple

1. Enter your name, email, phone, mailing address and business website URL.
2. We'll generate your game URL and send you a confirmation email.
3. Select the number of prizes you'd like to award each month: 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60 or 90.

That's it. Three minutes and your unique RewardsPlus game is up and running!

Easy to manage

The game runs itself. All you have to do is distribute your game URL.

  • Use the in-app marketing section to send out texts and emails to prospects and recruits.
  • View reports to check plays, players, winners, email registrations, prospect lists and more.
  • Stay connected with your prospects by phone and email through the RewardsPlus app, making it simple and fast to advance the sales process.
  • RewardsPlus easily integrates with other CRM tools you may already be using.

Cost is minimal and all inclusive

For less than $1 per week, reps can get unlimited prospecting with unlimited game play.
Save even more with a corporate plan. Contact us for more information and to discuss your specific needs.



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